Apartment hunting day 2

We met up with the Manager from Union Bank whom made this whole trip possible, Bob, for breakfast as his hotel. This was my first time meeting him, and while visually he was way different than how I pictured him to be, he was most kind and especially excited for us on our adventure. He painted a picture for us of what his hopes are for Charles in his new position and the space he hopes Charles to fill. Sounded like Charles will have quite a bit of traveling to do, which I don’t mind in the slightest as I might be able to travel with him and work remotely along the way….we’ll see how that all pans out.

Esther, our real estate agent, picked us up from the hotel to take us to another 6 places. Looking back I should have taken photos of each place for you all to see(especially #4 below). All buildings are named and when you jump in a taxi you do not give an address, but the name of the building you are headed to. This aplies to all directions for Taxis including hotels, restaurants, condos and of course shopping malls.

Place #1 “Residences @ Eveyln” No oven–Automatic No

Place #2 “Thomson Euro-Asia” Great location, good size rooms, decent layout. A bit of an older building, but worth the trade off for a location across the street from an MRT station! We’d consider living here

Place #3 “The Springs” Great location (3 mins walk to MRT), GREAT layout, 3rd bedroom has been converted to office with built in desk space and closet converted to bookcases (great for when I’m working at home), fully furnished, move in ready, great kitchen, but smaller facilities such as pool and gym). owned and lived in by Asian Americans who’ve been there for 4 years. Their reason for moving out is that their 2 year old son needs more space. Painted accent walls (which is unheard of in Singapore)in deep rich colors that fit the space very well. Just already feels like we could call this place home.

Place #4 “Pavillion 11”. Big Pimpin’ penthouse style modern gorgeousness. 16th floor, private elevator entrance, 270 degrees of living room floor to ceiling glass windows that open completely on 2 sides. Massive porch, huge kitchen, sort of strange Asian style furniture. Spectacular facilities with a massive pool, BBQ area and gym. Downside is that it is SUPER modern (brushed aluminum and glass), has jack hammer construction next door for the next 9 months and is farther away from mass transit. But it would be awesome to call this place home for the next 2-3 years, because honestly we’d never live in a place like this in the states!

Place #5 “Lincoln Modern” Loft style modern. You enter the apartment on the second floor and then walk down an open staircase to the main part of the apartment. floor to ceiling (2 stories worth) glass windows overlooked a huge portion of the city. Kitchen was too tiny and being in the living room (with the MASSIVE windows) felt like being in church for some reason. Major downside besides the tiny kitchen, all windows have direct sun year round! Automatic NO.

Place #6 “Amaryllis Ville” Called to cancel and we thus didn’t see this one.

All housing complexes are gated communities with a guard shack that you have to check in (and out) at. We found this odd given that everyone has told us how safe Singapore is. when we questioned our agent about it, she really didn’t have a decent answer. Charles and I are convinced it’s a ploy to keep unemployment low, similar to how there are 3 bell hops at hotels when only one is needed (one takes your bags from the car to the front desk, another from the front desk to the elevator, and a third from the elevator to your room)….it’s all for unemployment minimization, or so is our theory.

We felt much better ending this day of apartment hunting than we did the first day, because of the 5 we saw, we’d actually live in 3 of them ( # 2,3 and 4). What a major relief! Not sure if we are going to pull the trigger on one of them yet though. I think we’ll try to go see them again tomorrow, at a different time of day to see what’s it’s like later in the afternoon (where the sun is, the temperature of the apartment, etc) and see how we feel then.

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