I love Homework

Charles who left our apartment at 8am was back by 10:15am!! A very unexpected surprise for me as I was expecting him to be gone at least until lunch. He changed out of his new work uniform and we hit the city.

First stop was to figure out the subway system (called MRT). We purchased refillable fast pass cards called ezLink cards and jumped on a train–our destination was Novena, an area of town we’re considering living in.

We arrived without getting lost, zero complications and no wrong turns. (GREAT SUCCESS). Atop the MRT station is not one, but two shopping malls.

We’ve learned that malls here do not have anchor stores (like Macy’s) the way we do in the US. Instead, they have anchor themes. One of the malls atop the Novena MRT stop is called Velocity (note: all malls, buildings, apartments are named) and its theme is sporting goods. We walked in and were surrounded stores selling the full gambot of sporting goods and brands (Puma, ADIDAS, NIKE). We wondered into one that reminded us of a ‘Big 5’ in search of a new strap for my swimming goggles. We discovered that they do not sell replacement straps and thus I’d have to buy a new pair. ‘Ok’ I thougth to myself ‘I’ll buy a new pair’. Well I’ll be damned, the goggles they sell in Asia are designed for…you guessed it….ASIANS! They didn’t fit my eye sockets or the bridge of my nose which are basically the only two parts of goggles. After many attempts and a laughing sales clerk, we FINALLY found a pair that would work. Who would have figured?!?!

So we wondered around Novena area and decided that we really do like it. Good area, slightly away from the chaos of down town, close to groceries and lots of housing options. We continue apartment hunting tomorrow and now that we know the area we’ll be able to better assess where the buildings are relative to the places we now know.

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