Friday Night

For dinner we headed to one of the locations we learned about on our city orientation tour: Boat Quay (pronounced Key). There are three Quays and our apartment is located between the 2nd and 3rd one. Boat Quay is the 1st. These are the locations of what once was the harbor for shipping goods as they are located along the Singapore river (which is not a river at all and is just sea water). They now have all been converted to night time social hubs with food and clubs and all sorts of indoor and outdoor night life.

We ended up at a very local little food court one street away from Boat Quay and enjoyed ourselves immensely. I ended up with something different than what I thought I had ordered (or rather pointed at the photo menu) and consisted of very boring broth with mini freeze dried fish (less than 1” long), ramen type noodles and massive fish balls (think meat balls but made out of fish). The whole thing tasted the way fish food flakes smell. I don’t think I need to eat fish balls again after that. Charles ended up with this amazing garlic chicken thing which tasted amazing especially after my bland soup and fish ball experience. We washed it all down with a big Tiger beer Total bill: $15 including the beer

After dinner, we headed back to Boat Quay to check out the bar scene. Many of the places were jam packed with what appeared to be expats so we joined the crowd. Based on the accents we heard almost all were Australians. We found ourselves a table and ordered what most people seemed to have ordered…beer! Two pints of Tiger beer appeared before us and the lovely little waitress says “that will be $27.50 please”. WHAT?!?! Almost 30 bucks for 2 pints of the low octane grade beer?!?!?! We definitely are not in Kansas anymore!

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