We’re not in Kansas anymore Todo

Wow what a day filled with may sights and even more emotions.

We started off on a city orientation tour which took us to many sights that appear to be good to know for any expat living here. It felt as if we were driving in circles even though we weren’t. After over filling our heads with facts and locations, we met with our housing agent Esther.
In Singapore, they have rental agents similar to a real estate agent in the US. We saw 6 properties in several areas of town which ran the gambot of features and sizes; some had balconies, some had Olympic size swimming pools. Some had private elevator entrances and bomb shelters disguised as closets, or storage rooms. Every place was funky, or strange and not something we’d consider living in–we didn’t expect to find a place the first day, but the sampling we tasted was not leaving a good taste and we ended the day feeling deflated and discouraged. Most of the discouragement came from the feeling that our agent wasn’t really going to bat for us and that she was just trying to get us into the most expensive place she could so that her cut would be maximized. We were also discouraged because we both had a feeling that maybe we wouldn’t (or couldn’t) find a place to meet our needs and in our price range.

We were given homework to go wonder around the neighborhoods we were considering to really determine which area of town we’d be interested in; Newton and Novena. For dinner we went to Newton Food Center, which for those whom know Asia food this is a Hawker center, for those who don’t think outside food court. Food was decent and we’ll likely go back even though the entire area is a bit touristy and as we obviously look like tourists, you sort of get accosted by vendors trying to get you to eat at their booth.

Tomorrow is Charles’ first day of work, so we are heading to bed a bit early.

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