AirThors One has landed

We made it! I must say that not only is Singapore Airlines the ONLY way to travel, but business class with fully flat seats and quality food, not to mention a wonderful stewardess crew was the icing on the cake. We landed after 20 hours well rested and excited.

First shock to the system was immigration which is nothing like US immigration with queues that stretch on forever. This was more like what you imagine shopping at Safeway at 3 am is like…..bored checkers praying a shopper will choose their check stand to check out at! Literally 45 seconds later we were both through and off to pick up our luggage, which all made it safely. Our hired car was waiting for us (a victory) and while he was concerned that our massive amount of luggage wouldn’t fit in his car, he squeezed it all in. We checked into our extended stay apartment, which is very (overly) modern for us and it does have it’s quirks, but it will do the job until we can find something more permanent.

Cruised the neighborhood which we learned is quite touristy, and found a grocery store where we spent the next hour going down every aisle yet didn’t buy a thing. To our relief they sell most everything we could hope for, and those things we did ship over, will be nice as it is either terribly expensive ($30 for a bottle of sunblock) or they just don’t sell it (enchilada sauce). I did a happy dance when I saw they sold tortillas (wooo hoooo), and cringed when i saw seaweed flavored can of Pringles….but Charles was very excited about the chips, especially the soft shell crab and fried shrimp flavors.

Today we start are real immersion with a city orientation and house hunting.

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One thought on “AirThors One has landed

  1. Mrs Thor,
    Your writing is ingenius and FUN! You are amazing! I love how you incorporate THOR into everything!!!! Love you guys!

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