Hotel + your city + empty apartment = tears

Happy New Years Eve Everyone!

Last night checked into the most spectacular hotel. Of course we drove up looking like the Clampetts, with a trunk full of junk for my brother and a back seat so full of luggage that we had to use two people’s shoulders to get the door shut (all we needed was grandma strapped to the roof). We pulled up and the bell hop says “Welcome to the Omni, where are you coming from?” awkward….”um San Francisco actually.” Once past all of that, and then glorious Mexican food in the mission, I got the best night of sleep I’ve had in over a month!

I woke up excited and refreshed. Charles left for the office only to text message me 4 minutes later with “4 minutes” which is the time it took him to get to work! What a punk!

My to do list having been 95% completed, I only have a bit left.

First stop, hardware store to buy a new screwdriver. check! Returned to our apartment, parked in the parking spot my car has called home for the past 3 years, took the elevator up to the familiar mauve pink hallway and to the door marked 109. The key turned as it always did, the handle frozen as it always was and I pushed the door open… find a sad shell of the place I once called home. my footsteps now echoed in the empty space that now only contained dust bunnies and overflowing garbage cans. ‘Don’t think about it’ I told myself, ‘you’ve got work to do.’ But it was hard not to.

I scrubbed the floors, washed the walls and vacuumed the baseboards and window seals. Put some elbow grease into the fridge and oven and filled in the remaining holes. Did that final walk through with our landlord and that was that…..and told Charles he owed me big time (and a manicure)!!!

So back to the hotel to pick up some stuff for the night and off to Sacramento we go to celebrate with friends not only the new year, but for good byes too. I think it’s going to be a doozy of a night.

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