Get out of my way or I’ll blow your house down

Well the movers came and holy Toledo batman, those guys are good! They were a whirlwind of boxes, tape, and tissue paper and 3 amazing guys tore our apartment to shreds, boxed, wrapped and wheeled it out to the truck in an amazing 6 hours. They wrapped every wine glass, kitchen gadget, picture frame and art with amazing speed. Silly me had originally intended to work side by side with them, organizing as I went, but OH NO. It was more like get out of the way or their ninja like speed was going to knock me to the floor. So I stood out of the way as best I could.

This isn’t to say that it wasn’t a crazy day because crazy things happen when in San Francisco and this was no exception…

I of course couldn’t sleep the night before, so when the movers arrived at 8:30am I was all hopped up on adrenaline and caffeine. The moving company had applied for parking permit with the police to ensure they could park right outside the apartment. “No Parking” signs had been posted for almost a week, but of course, 2 dumb ass drivers decide to miss the massive white and red signs stating no parking from 7am to 6pm and park there anyways. The moving truck therefore had to double park on a little quite street that maybe you’ve heard of ….Lombard Street!!!!! I call the police to have the cars towed and the little meter made showed up to take my information–I was never so happy to see a meter maid in my life. One of the drivers showed up and moved their car prior to the tow truck showing up, but still received a hefty fine from my meter maid angel. The 2nd car was not so lucky and the driver showed up once the car was already lifted up. He was one very unhappy driver, but oh well and in my ‘my life is turning upside down’ mood, i did a little victory dance to myself.

The moving truck suffered a broken off side view mirror and then as the boxing was finishing up and the hauling boxes down to the car started, a drunk bum decided that the entry way to my building was a good place to take a header and split her forehead open…blood everywhere. 2 ambulances, 6 EMTs, 1 fire engine and a partridge in a Pear tree later and there was no room for the movers to wheel out the boxes to the truck…..Awesome!

That all taken care of, I had my little roll of tape, my screwdriver, hole filler and was going around unscrewing things from the wall, taping the screws to whatever had just come off the wall and then filling the holes. I set my driver down for I swear only 30 seconds and went to get the tape only to return and have the driver missing….the movers had packed it! DAMN IT, now I have to get another one. OH wait, I think there might still be one left unpacked…..YES, SUCCESS! 10 minutes later, same damn thing happened! So now I have two screw drivers packed probably with the most random other stuff and tomorrow I’ll have to go and buy a new one because I still have stuff to unscrew!

It has been quite a day

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