Visa’s are approved!

One thing we keep hearing over and over again about Singapore is that it is a ‘well oiled machine.’ They supposedly are very efficient in everything they do which we have now learned first hand. Since we will both be working in Singapore, we both need working visas which need to be applied for by our respective companies. This concerned us a bit as we didn’t want the two applications to get separated and thus not be approved in the same time frame. We were told that a minimum of 3 weeks were needed for our applications to be processed….the deadline rapidly approaching! Both applications were submitted Monday 5pm ish. Low and behold 2 hours later Charles received email confirmation that his application had been approved. One hour after that Carried received her confirmation! Wow, talk about well oiled machine….what happened to the estimated 3 weeks lead time?

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One thought on “Visa’s are approved!

  1. Wait until you arrive at Changi Airport, it takes about 15 minutes to go through customs, get your luggage, and get into the cab.

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